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Welcome to Integrative Medicine Associates

Here at IMA, we strive to blend the best of conventional western medicine with well-researched natural medicine. Our primary focus is on the prevention of illness, versus simply reacting to disease. We empower our patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Our belief is that this is only possible by having our patients play a primary role in their healthcare.

About Our Service

Our Goal

Our goal is to integrate the best in conventional and complementary medicine.

We Provide

We provide a supportive healing environment that encourages self-empowerment and positive change.

Our Staff

Our Staff is dedicated to quality health care, a spirit of teamwork, and continued education for our patients, ourselves, and our community.

We Investigate

We Investigate complex medical problems with compassion, understanding, and integrity.

Our physicians

Our physicians and practitioners are primary care family practice providers. We treat simple as well as complex medical problems including everything from the common cold and allergies to CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
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Meet Our Teem

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What our customers say !!!

Dr. Corell, Dr. Valley & “girls” …
Thank you for such awesome care! The time & wealth of knowledge you so willingly give is more than any other medical office I’ve been to. You have a wonderful balance of talent!
I thank God for all of you daily! He is using you toward the ultimate goal of healing in my life.
May God Bless you all 🙂
Val Mc
Val Mc
Thank you for helping… you are a true example of a doctor… very compassionate and knowledgeable.
Bill F.
Bill F.
Dear Dr. Corell, Jari Serra, Mike Ellison & staff,
I just want to express my gratitude and elation for the healthcare you have given me. Never have I been treated with such dignity, respect and care in a doctor’s office.
Hope this post finds you all in the throes of a glorious summer!
Cheers and thanks again.
After just six chelation treatments following a heart attack in 2008, I visited the Spokane Eye Clinic for a routine Diabetic eye exam. My doctor was quite surprised at the striking improvement in the condition of my right retina. He had heard of chelation therapy and had some skepticism, which he admitted having learned second-hand from others in his field. After examinations of both my eyes in recent years, however, he is now convinced that it was, and still is , the Intravenous EDTA that is responsible for clearing out the blood vessels in both my retinas.
Dear Dr. Corell,
I feel so compelled to write you and let you know just how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I consider it a real blessing just as I consider having you as my trusted primary care giver a true blessing.
Your kind and gentle compassion and sensitivity always displayed as you perform your healing and wellness art create a feeling of great comfort and security. You are a true blessing to so many.
Mary Ann V.
Mary Ann V.
I brag about the care I receive from Dr. Corell & your staff to anyone that will listen & steadfastly believe it was that care that kept away & continues to keep me from open heart surgery!!
God’s blessings on you all as you assist folks with a better quality of life than mainstream medicine affords!
Bill D.
Bill D.
Dear Dr Corell and Anna,
I came to you wanted to know if you thought a product I ran across might help my asthma symptoms and inflammatory responses.
I just love all of you. You are willing to listen, and help us follow what the body is trying to tell us so we are in better health. You help us, if possible, avoid all the harmful side effects of some medications.
Some doctors are saying that with asthma, “you will always have asthma and you will never get better?. I AM getting better and it is because you allowed me to try the different things to help me.
Imagine how I will feel being able to breathe without the use of steroids and inhalers. I can even run now! I am so happy I am sitting here smiling and laughing as I write this to you. Thank you. I love you guys for this!
Andrea S.
Andrea S.

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