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Alternative Intravenous Therapies For Various Health Concerns

Iv therapies Alternative intravenous therapies for various health concerns Chelation: 1)used to improve circulation throughout the body.(brain,carotids arteries,eyes,heart,lower legs & feet) 2)to decrease toxic heavy metal levels. 3)to improve immune function. Hydrogen peroxide: 1)used to improve respiratory function.(lungs) 2)eradicate pathogens(bacteria,viruses, Yeast,fungus,parasites) 3)to improve immune function. 4)used as an adjunct for illnesses such as:cancer, Certain neurological …

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Premera Breach

What physicians and practices need to consider regarding Premera Blue Cross data breach After last week�s announcement that Premera Blue Cross had suffered a data breach potentially compromising millions of its customers� data, the insurer is reaching out to affected individuals with guidance�as well as a warning to not open emails related to the breach. …

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